E X C L U S I V E L Y  F O R  M O H D,  S E L E T T I  P R E S E N T S   A  S P E C I A L  E D I T I O N  O F  T H E  I C O N I C  M O N K E Y   L A M P

June, 12 2018

 Seletti, the Italian design brand that stands out for its pop-art and ironic mood, presents a special edition of the Monkey Lamp exclusively for the Mohd – Mollura Home Design showroom, part of their iconic family of funny and furtive Monkey lamps.

One of Seletti’s bestsellers and up to now available in black and white versions, the Monkey Lamp became even more realistic with this version for Mohd, thanks to special decorative work from the designer Marcantonio.


The projects of Marcantonio make a strong visual impact, in which art, design and the world of nature blend together, giving rise to simple and ironic results. The Monkey Lamp reveals theirsculptural soul: the monkeys seem to sneak into our house and wander around looking for curiosities, becoming the perfect scene for environments with an unusual touch.This special edition is available for indoor use (white cable) and outdoor use (black cable), and in two versions, suspended or with a stand, which can be purchased exclusively at the Mohd showroom in Messina and from the www.mohd.it online shop.