January, 08 2020


17 – 21 January 2020

Hall 6

Stand: J16 – K15


SELETTI, the revolutionary Italian brand that uniquely combines exclusive design – with products designed by some of the most well-known creatives – with affordability for a wide audience, thanks to its vision of democratic design, will again exhibit at Maison&Objet in Paris, the January show dedicated to décor and lifestyle, presenting new objects and furnishings in original and avant-garde styles.

The main new products for this edition mainly are connected to the partnership with Marcantonio and TOILETPAPER which see many novelties.

The collaboration with Marcantonio in the Lighting sector continues, with Chameleon Lamp and Robot Lamp, as well as new table lamps from the My Little collection that pays homage to the world of cinema: My little Kong, My little with Valentine and My Little Corner. The Objet&decocation catalogue presents also the fascinating Wings of the sculptural collection Memorabilia Mvsevm. 

The crazy creativity of TOILETPAPER, the photographic magazine created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, continues to contaminate the most disparate objects including new Laptop Bags, and they have also added their first glassware for the dining table.

New project from the collaboration between Diesel and SELETTI is the beloved Starman from the Cosmic Diner collection which is transformed into a “space” light.

Inspired by op-art, the Linea lamp, one of the brand’s best-loved light projects, is also offered in a new look.


CHAMELEON LAMP – design: Marcantonio

The Chameleon lamp joins the fantastical family of lighting projects by the designer Marcantonio, in which art, design and the natural world are entwined, creating a strong visual impact. The chameleon that is so realistic it seems to sneak in and mimic itself on a lamp that it holds with its tail, to hide among the furniture and provide an unexpected touch to the interiors. 


ROBOT LAMP – design: Marcantonio

The Robot Lamp evokes a world of memories connected to the lightness and joy of play: in its vintage forms that remind us of the early videogames of the ‘80s and ‘90s, this range can reawaken our most playful side.



The best known classical art escapes the museum and the sculpture-gallery, becoming a contemporary record of an epic past: the Memorabilia Mvsevm collection pays homage to the greatest sculptural masterpieces in the history of art, enriching the most personal room with domestic marvels.

The Wings has now been added to the pieces in the collection: a ceramic reproduction of great wings, evoking virtues like liberty, strength, victory, which seem to have been borrowed from one of the loveliest Greek goddesses.


MY LITTLE WITH CORNER – design: Marcantonio

Not just table lamps, but little stories to act out and tell, whose ending is open to discovery. After My Little Neighbour – inspired by the films of Tim Burton – and My Little Friday Night – which took its inspiration from the visionary films of David Lynch – Marcantonio offers design fans another miniature world to discover. Made completely in resin, My Little Corner reproduces every single detail perfectly, leaving people free to imagine the sounds and scents of a still-life that speaks ironically of contemporary loves. The romantic symbol par excellence of the ville lumière, this little Art Nouveau lamp thus becomes the surface on which to write your own feelings, while the banana skin and remind us sarcastically of love’s briefness.


MY LITTLE VALENTINE – design: Marcantonio

My Little Valentine is the most romantic moment of this collection. It is a typical Valentine’s day scene under a glass dome: Marcantonio represents the perfect moment, two hearts in love and a bench, where you can do anything or absolutely nothing, but together.


MY LITTLE KONG – design: Marcantonio

The esthetic of cinema photography and the great directors is also referenced in My Little Kong, in which Marcantonio showcases a constantly-developing scene that evokes the atmosphere of the great classics: the still from one of the most famous films in the history of cinema, King Kong, is the inspiration for this fantastical and imaginative project.



When art becomes an integral part of everyday life it affects every object that can be both useful and glamorous at the same time. From this effect came the special relationship between SELETTI and TOILETPAPER, the project that uses images created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Their tableware collection includes glassware for the first time: the ‘50s style that characterises TOILETPAPER’s world is used for glasses and coffee cups, sinuous objects decorated with captivating and dreamlike images from the magazine and embellished with a gold rim.



After the notebooks and the cases, the irreverent images of TOILETPAPER now give us their Laptop Cases, using their crazy pictures to make everyday objects a bit different and an expression of their personality. The images selected by Cattelan and Ferrari for these new objects of desire are: Roses, Shit, Lipstick and Snakes.



Astronauts are a symbol of curiosity and the pioneering spirit: from this was born the idea of transforming them into an unexpected object for home decoration. Faithful to its stance of looking at reality from other points of view, SELETTI celebrates the universe with an object of precious appearance created with Diesel, Flashing Starman: its helmet holds a lamp that will light up even the darkest cosmic nights.


LINEA PIXLED – design: Selab

SELETTI has reimagined one of its best loved and most significant lighting ranges. The minimalism of the Linea lamp has evolved, using geometrical and coloured patterns to transform its design: thanks to the new pixelated and multicolour surfaces, the simple LED tubes become both illumination and decorative objects in op-art style.