July, 31 2019


6 – 10 September 2019

Hall 6 Stand: J16 – K15 


The unmistakable style of Seletti, the most innovative and irreverent Italian design brand, returns to amaze the public at Maison & Objet, the Parisian fair dedicated to decoration. Always at the forefront and thinking outside the box, Seletti presents the latest news on this occasion: objects and furnishings with an eclectic and contemporary look, which combine sophisticated design and functionality

Creative director of the brand, Stefano Seletti, says “It’s always fun for us to be in Paris for Maison & Objet. We breathe a lot of energy and spend many months preparing new products with designers as well as our research and development team, so we can come here with unique products that can be true statement pieces. The international nature of this fair allows us to develop a worldwide presence and continue to grow internationally”

New explorations for the SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER collection, which is enriched with pencil cases and pouches in printed fabric, and a new side table featuring graphics created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The collaboration with Marcantonio introduces new projects such as the Heart Lamp light as well as new versions of the My Little series, the Botanical Diva armchairs and sofas, the coat hangers, the Monkey Chandelier and new elements of the Memorabilia Mvsevm collection. In the lighting section there is also Cupolone, AMeBE studio’s new project.

The Diesel Living with Seletti collection, created in collaboration with one of the most innovative and avant-garde fashion brands, returns to outer space with the Solar Hanger hangers inspired by the solar system, and the "new planet" in the Cosmic Diner line: Earth Dish is presented in two versions, with two different views of the Earth from space.

Among the special projects are the sculptures by Tatiana Brodatch and Max Huges, and a much-anticipated new project by Studio Job for the BLOW by JOB&SELETTI collection, the joint venture between Seletti and the duo composed of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel. Inspired by their stained-glass projects, these Gospel collection products are born: wall lamps that subversively but subtly reinterpret the style of the sacred art.



When art becomes an integral part of everyday life, it manages to contaminate any object that may be useful and glamorous at the same time. The special relationship between Seletti and TOILETPAPER, the image-only editorial project created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, stems from this contamination. Following on from the tableware collections, upholstery, carpets, furnishings and home accessories, the dreamlike and surreal images of TOILETPAPER now feature on unique pencil cases and small pouches. Different graphics are used to transform these commonly used small objects from boring and mundane to something particular and representative of one's personality.



When the forms of memory meet contemporary creativity, schemes will unhinge, and furnishings become unique and spectacular objects. TOILETPAPER redefines a typical 70s side-table with his images, transforming it into a piece with over-the-top aesthetics that also lights up the most minimal environments. The top, with its characteristic "plectrum" shape, is enriched with a selection of TOILETPAPER graphics chosen by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with Stefano Seletti: Drill, Two of Spades, Lipstick, Revolver, Snakes, Roses, Shit and Pink Lipstick.



Not just table lamps, but small stories to interpret and tell with an open ending to be discovered. 

After My Little Neighbor - inspired by the films of Tim Burton - and My Little Friday Night - which takes its cue from David Lynch's visionary movies - Marcantonio gives design enthusiasts another miniature world to discover. A solitary lamppost, a ruffled cat and a dog that teases him are the protagonists of this fun and poetic diorama.

Made entirely of resin, My Little Evening reproduces every single detail to perfection, leaving everyone the freedom to imagine the sounds and scents of a timeless, romantic tableau-vivant. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the cinematographic photography of the great directors of thrillers of the past, and each image captures a frame of a film from the ever-evolving script.



Wide and sinuous shapes, welcoming and generous to host moments of relaxation and good cheer. The upholstery of the Botanical Diva series is to be the focal points of the living room and reinterpret styles of the past in an ironic and contemporary key: the distinctly twentieth-century lines are covered with brightly colored pop floral fabrics, freeing armchairs and sofas from their prison of the past. The sofas are freed from their interior furnishing dimension by a subtle nod to nature, always the focus in Marcantonio's projects: in fact, resin backs and twigs can be applied to the backrest and armrest, which brings a hint of the springtime garden into the home.



As in a fairy tale, nature enters homes and integrates itself into our daily lives. The natural forms of plants and flowers are transformed into functional, and at the same time poetic and dreamy objects, giving interior spaces the freshness of a magical forest. With this project, Marcantonio transforms plant shoots into clothes hangers to be fixed to the wall, or to be inserted on the back or arms of the Botanical Diva armchair or sofa.



When the best-known classical art escapes the museums and libraries, it becomes a collective heritage, a reminder of a glorious past and decoration of design.

The Mvsevm Memorabilia collection is a tribute to the greatest statues of the Renaissance and Neoclassical tradition, a way to bring these passionate masterpieces of the history of art into your home. Marcantonio focuses on details of human bodies impressed in marble, transforming them into ceramic self-standing pieces: feet, hands, lips, nose and - as a novelty for Maison & Objet 2019 - a male and a female face become pure decoration for their very own room of domestic wonders.



The world of Monkey Lamp, Seletti's best-seller and symbol of the brand’s unconventional approach to lighting, continues to grow and amaze: Milan Design Week previewed a new and spectacular edition of the Monkey.

Monkey Chandelier mixes in a new composition of the disruptive aesthetics of the Monkey with the elegant and classic style of a chandelier. Three curious monkeys cling to a precious chandelier captured by Marcantonio in attitudes that reveal their playful nature: one stands up, looking around indiscreetly, the other rests while sitting, while the third hangs as if about to jump off and flee. With this project the designer once again confirms his ability to work on the border between art and design, developing projects with a sculptural and narrative approach that combine functionality and fairytale imagination.



From the great success of the Love in Bloom vase, here is Heart Lamp, the romantic wall light par excellence. The heart is the most important human organ: it loves, suffers, fills with passion and pumps that sap through our veins that keeps us alive. Marcantonio pays tribute to the heart through this project, which is the perfect reproduction of a ceramic human heart from which an LED bulb diffuses a soft and delicate light. Focusing on the close relationship between aesthetics and function, Marcantonio creates a new lighting project in perfect Seletti style, celebrating life and love without rhetoric and without frills, in a pure and extraordinary way.



Cupolone is a suspension lamp that combines craftsmanship and technology, a hyper-realistic reproduction of the dome of Saint Peter, made of resin and presented in two colors (one entirely white, the other anthracite on the outside with a golden internal finish).

With this project AMeBE (Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi) pay tribute to one of the most important +architectural symbols of Italian creativity, giving a tribute to our culture, the richness of history and the priceless beauty of art.


Go ahead and discover the desire to explore new worlds: Cosmic Earth Dish is the pair of dinner plates that represents the globe as seen from space - one depicts Asia and the other Europe - and helps momentarily guide your imagination away from the earth. An honest look at the world as seen from a different point of view: that of the table.



A solar system to help make your walls unique: Cosmic Hangers is a poetic and futuristic series of wooden coat hangers, which accurately portray galaxies and planets. With their unique and unexpected aesthetics, they decorate your home in a functional way that is definitely out of the world!



The Gospel, The Crucifixion, The Birth

Since we are all anarchists hereby we bring you the light gospel according to Job!

Oh Maria! Anarchy! Cartoon holy! Unserious blasphemy! Contemporary Jesus! Holy Happy! Great Gabriel! Good heavens! Biblical funk! Wear that Bible belt! Noahs Party Boat! 

Whether religious or not, you can feel the incredible drama and energy of the lights. Classic tradition mixed with real modern life.

This is how Job Smeets, part of the design duo Studio Job together with Nynke Tynagel, describes their latest project for BLOW, the brand born from the joint venture with Seletti.

Inspired by the stained-glass windows of churches - as common in Italy as in the Flemish context in which the designers were formed - the three wall lamps are made of glass and surrounded by LED light similar to a halo subtly subvert the imagery of the representation of the sacred. The typical Studio Job graphics transform these known and metabolized subjects into new decorations for the contemporary home.



Originally from Moscow but now active in Milan, Tatiana Brodatch (1977) conceived the project LOVE IS A VERB for Seletti, a series of eight resin sculptures full of feeling and freedom that celebrate solitary or shared nudity.

The main features of her work are in fact male and female figures - naked or minimally covered - who, caught in their intimacy, celebrate eroticism with irony and ease, placing themselves as a hymn to self-acceptance. Represented in fragile and soft forms, the characters full of Eros are immortalized in moments of tangible passion, intent on investigating each other with blatant sincerity: the artist thus gives rise to a narrative of intimacy, a story of the thousand facets of love affairs. The series consists of: Spoons, which represents the deepest intimacy, love, confidence and contact; Penelope, who, sitting and just covered, proudly shows herself in all her fragility, composed in her nostalgic solitude; Jean Claude, Pierrot and Jaqueline, who, drawing inspiration from the three characters in the French film Les Valseuses, by Bertrand Blier (1974), seem to be immersed in an atmosphere of playful and willing waiting; Jean & Jean, conceived by the artist during her residence at Villa Santoro Sospir in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, pays tribute to Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais who, in the 1950s and '60s, used to stay in the same villa.



Alongside Seletti, Max Huges (1997) presents Axcept Global Warming, a project that demonstrates this young Parmesan artist’s ability to reflect on important themes through the lens of irony in his works.

The title of the project, Axcept Global Warming, is a play on words around the concept of Global Warming. On the one hand "accepting", acknowledging and being aware of the phenomenon that is affecting the entire planet, and on the other hand succeeding to counter this situation, giving - figuratively speaking - an "acceptance" to a threat that in an ideal world should be defeated to safeguard the world in which we live.

The double meaning of the title manifests itself visually in the ax symbol, which Huges transforms for Seletti into an object with a pop aesthetic. Made of resin and available in black, red and white, the hatchets are sculptures that manifest the subtle and brilliant approach of an artist who, having graduated from the technical institute for surveyors and currently enrolled in management engineering, uses his research to declare the explicit desire to move beyond the boundaries between art and science, thus contaminating apparently distant worlds through the tools of logic and irony.

The unmistakable style of Seletti, the most innovative and irreverent Italian design brand, returns to amaze the public at Maison & Objet, the Parisian fair dedicated to decoration. Always at the forefront and thinking outside the box, Seletti presents the latest news on this occasion: objects and furnishings with an eclectic and contemporary look, which combine sophisticated design and functionality.


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