S E L E T T I   A T   E U R O L U C E  2 0 1 7

March, 28 2017

Seletti, the most original and fun Italian design brand, presents its new 2017 products at Euroluce, the leading international lighting exhibition.

“The Lighting catalogue represents one of the most important successes achieved by Seletti”, declares Stefano Seletti, the company’s art director. “Over time we have succeeded in building our precise identity in the field of lighting as well as capturing a well-defined target audience by offering projects of original design that make use of irony and fun, while remaining faithful to the idea of democratic design that has always been in our DNA”.

The International Lighting Exhibition is for Seletti the opportunity to exhibit the first lights designed in collaboration with Studio Job, the most extreme creative couple in contemporary design, two new products from Marcantonio, a new lamp designed by Gio Tirotto and a new illuminated lettering project.


UN_LIMITED EDITIONS: Banana Lamp & Tiffany Tree Lamp – design: Studio Job


The famous Banana Lamp is a Tiffany Tree lamp – which in their limited-edition version become symbols of the creativity of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel – that transforms into something equally precious in terms of design, while at the same time becoming democratically accessible to a wider public thanks to UN_LIMITED EDITIONS, a new project from Seletti and Studio Job.

The Tiffany Tree is entirely made of resin; the Banana Lamp is done in resin and glass and is available in three versions: “Huey”, “Dewey” & “Louie”. UN_LIMITED EDITIONS combines, in fact, the exclusivity of the artistic imagery of Studio Job with the democratic soul of Seletti, going beyond the definitions of art and design: A new collection that demonstrates how precious objects created in a limited edition can become accessible.

BLOW: Neon Lips, Flash and Hot Dog – design: Studio Job

This lighting project in the explicit “pop” spirit is a mix of the imagery of Andy Warhol with that of American eateries: An open mouth (Lips), a stylised lamp (Flash) and a hot dog (Hot Dog) are, in fact, the shapes of these new neon wall lamps that were born in the context of BLOW, the new collection of objects resulting from the collaboration between Seletti and the creative genius of Job Smeets e Nynke Tynagel. The project’s concept – which also includes carpets, chairs, mirrors and plates – is driven by a desire to offer design lovers dream objects created by the unmistakable fantasy of Studio Job, giving people the possibility of furnishing their homes with objects that are unique but also accessible.

Verso – design: Gio Tirotto

Verso is an adjustable table lamp-sculpture designed by Gio Tirotto: An object whose form evokes the image of a staircase, an architectural element but also the symbolic representation of movement, of an ascent/descent in terms that are both physical and spiritual (as revealed by the magnet that accompanies the project – a human figure sitting in a contemplative position on the steps).

Caractère – design: Selab

A new product has been added to the catalogue of Seletti “luminous alphabets”, one of the best-sellers in the brand’s lighting line: Caractère consists of letters of more than 20.5 cm in height with which to compose personalised words and phrases, and which can either be fixed to walls or simply left standing. The letters are made up of a plated metal structure and LED bulbs. With this project, Seletti confirms its passion for all forms of playful creativity able to bring thoughts and words alive and make them concrete and shareable.

Elephant Lamp – design: Marcantonio

Elephant Lamp confirms once again Marcantonio’s fascination with nature and magical images. This new table lamp-sculpture – created in resin – evokes a fantastic and romantic world in which the elephant meets the moon at the top of a hill.

Elephant Lamp seems to come out of a fairy-tale: An illustration that becomes a three-dimensional object and is transformed into a lamp.

Moon Light – design: Marcantonio

Moon Light is a homage from Marcantonio to the moon: an image that is romantic and dreamlike, but one that is also mysterious, magnetic, attractive. The designer transforms the moon – a recurring element in songs, legends and novels – into a lamp: A small object for lighting that has the task of bringing magic into homes. It is made of porcelain and is available in two different sizes.