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January, 13 2017

Seletti, the most pop and ironic Italian design brand has once again chosen Paris to begin their 2017 exhibition tour. From January 20th to 24th the brand will showcase its many new products at Maison&Objet, the fair especially dedicated to décor.

2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Estetico Quotidiano, Seletti’s first international success which boosted the brand’s worldwide recognition; Maison&Objet will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate this important milestone while at the same time adding three new products to the collection.

Exploring the theme of memory and reinterpreting styles of the past, Seletti presents the new Heritage Collection, which combines wood and velvet, transforming a traditional product into an eclectic decor, as well as new addition to the lights, the Sagra, which evokes images of the decorative flags of village fetes.

The Street Life lamp is another new addition, inspired by traffic cones.

Finally, the Seletti wears TOILETPAPER collection, which is enhanced thanks to the first hanging lamps made in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.


The representation for the unexpected excellence, the surprise of deception through a play of aesthetic references subverted by the use of unusual materials. The elevation of the most common accessories into design objects. Thus, Estetico Quotidiano was born, the line of items for the home that has allowed Seletti to gain notoriety in the global market.

“When we made the first objects for the Estetico Quotidiano, now ten years ago, we didn’t really believe that we had a huge commercial success on our hands,” remembers Stefano Seletti, artistic director of the brand. “Seletti was not a designer brand, but an importer of household wares; this is our story. So when from simple importers we decided to become producers, we focused on shapes that people already knew. We decided to reinterpret commonly used objects using different materials so that they could then become objects with their own personality, their own dignity.”

Thus, the vision to use the original form of dishes and plastic household items and faithfully reproduce them using classic and durable materials.

Plates, cups, milk cartons, egg containers and cans, keeping their disposable look but made of porcelain; while water bottles, cups and glasses are made of borosilicate glass.

Over the years the Estetico Quotidiano collection has been enriched by numerous products – like sardine cans, fruit crates, colanders and pans – to become the emblem of Seletti’s pop philosophy and be distributed in some of the most important concept stores and museum shops in the world.

At Maison&Objet 2017 Seletti will present three new items: the drinking glass with an air chamber – for hot and cold liquids, the milk carton and milk kettle, all made in borosilicate glass.

HERITAGE COLLECTION – design: Sebastiano Tosi

Simple and timeless lines combined with precious velvet create a new type of seat that draws from an ancient aesthetic while remaining relevant and contemporary. Sebastiano Tosi designs for Seletti Heritage Collection a line composed of folding lounge chair, armchair and chair with beech wood frame, combined with made in Italy velvet flaps making up the seat and back.

Heritage Collection is a clear reference to the cabinet-making tradition and Italian textiles, a tribute to furniture of the past that still have their own place in contemporary interiors thanks to research into décor and materials.

Seletti also presents a version with Polyester fabric, perfect for the outdoors because of its weather resistant properties.

In addition to the seating there are small tables available in two sizes, altogether creating a precious collection.

SAGRA – design: Gio Tirotto

The theme of memory brings a playful reinterpretation of the village festival lights. Sagra is the evocative name chosen by Gio Tirotto for this series of suspended lights that reproduce the idea of those classic decorations that adorn Italian squares in the summer evenings.

Each of the 16 bulbs is combined with a small triangular flag available in four colors – blue, yellow, red and green – to ironically decorate both the interior and exterior of your home.

LUMINARIE – design: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Collaboration with artist and designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, already the fruit of many successes for Seletti, continues with this collection.

Maison&Objet is the occasion to unveil Luminarie, an unconventional, dreamlike project that brings together furniture and lighting. Three mirrors – small, medium and large – and an irregularly shaped wooden headboard decorated with numerous small bulbs that, in addition to light, add an almost dreamlike touch. In the words of the designer: “The idea of Luminarie was born from a trip to Salento in which I fell in love with the lights that locals use for village feasts. On these occasions the streets are decorated with elaborate wooden structures surrounded by myriads of small colored lights. I recreated these structures, drawing primitive shapes like the ones designed by a child, and through the bulbs I tried to create a valuable effect of astonishment and surprise “.



Street Life is the typical road cone, the signal of a work in progress that is often found on the roadways. Reinterpreted by the AMeBE duo, it becomes a table lamp. Made of porcelain decorated with gold decorations, it is equipped with a dimmer switch to adjust light intensity and set the mood.

In the words of AMeBE “Street Life is not just a lamp, but a metaphor for life, a night signal that invites you to break routine and to change direction. It a tribute to the nomadic and street life”.


The line created in collaboration with TOILETPAPER, the editorial project by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, is the emblem of how art and design can penetrate, creating something totally new and over the top. The collection developed with TOILETPAPER aims to create a new

“pop design”, a series of objects which evoke styles and materials of a past revolutionized by unconventional images.

The new hanging lamps are simple in form yet disruptive in their meaning; available in two sizes and 12 different graphicsLipstick, Fingers, Snakes, Legs, Cat, Microphones, Teeth, Flowers with Holes, Spaghetti, Fish, Sausages, Pop Corn – each lamp is a work of irreverent and crazy art that revolutionizes very idea of chandelier for the house.