S E L E T T I  A T  M A I S O N & O B J E T

January, 03 2018

Once again, Seletti arrives in Paris for the winter edition of Maison&Objet, the exhibition par excellence dedicated to decoration. The most pop and democratic Italian design brand is ready to amaze with new objects, new furniture, and new incursions into the field of lighting.

The catalog dedicated to art de la table is enriched with new products from the Hybrid collection, with a new collection inspired by the oriental – Kintsugi – and Finger, a new series of brass objects.

The collaboration with Studio Job continues within the new BLOW brand, dedicated to designer pieces at an affordable price: Seletti amazes with a series of bathroom items with ironic and nonconformist taste. Love in bloom, a hyper-realistic tribute to love, dominates the objects department while TOILETPAPER magazine invades again the furnishing area with new upholstery and new cushions.

Diesel Living consolidates its partnership with Seletti and develops the Survival Boxing System collection, dedicated to the military aesthetic; the Wunderkammer collection is strengthened thanks to wonderful new objects such as the crow skull, the shard mandibula and the shell.

The lighting section, among the most interesting areas for the brand for several years, is enriched with new shapes and new symbols: Studio Job’s Banana in the sconces version, while Marcantonio’s Mouse Lamp becomes gray and the Monkey Lamp moves outside with the new outdoor version in white. Finally, the Fingers collection presents lamps with a retro flavor while still maintaining a contemporary look.

HYBRID, placemats – design: CTRLZAK

The collaboration between Seletti and the CTRZAK duo continues with a new extension of the Hybrid collection, a line of objects that embrace both the oriental and western styles.

After a wide range of glass and porcelain tableware, the collection is completed by circular placemats which are rather reminiscent of the Hybrid rugs presented exactly one year ago at Maison&Objet.

Like contemporary mosaics, the Hybrid placemats – realized in cork with a plastic coating that allows them to be easily cleaned – give the table an eclectic and unconventional touch: while perfectly matching other objects of the same collection, these placeholders are a perfect counterpoint for even the most minimal table setting.

SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER – sofas, poufs, cushions

Seletti’s experiments in the field of upholstery perfectly match the extravagant and surreal ideas of TOILETPAPER magazine on furniture! The crazy images created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for their editorial project become the perfect patterns for a series of upholstered furniture, poufs, and cushions that go beyond the boundaries of design and contemporary art, resulting in a perfect hybrid.

After their small armchairs with the sinuous lines of the 50s, TOILETPAPER magazine spreads to the two and three-seater sofas with its original and over-the-top image Snake; the matching ottomans – also in retro style – and cushions become small works of art in 30 different graphics to be used even in the most formal living rooms to break the rules.


BLOW, toilet set – design: Studio Job

There are no limits to what Seletti and Studio Job can imagine. BLOW is a true design brand, born from the desire of offering design lovers their dream objects created by the unmistakable imagination of Studio Job, and giving them the opportunity to furnish their homes with unique, but accessible, objects. Paris is the perfect stage to present BLOW’s latest madness: a set of bathroom accessories.

For this new collection, Studio Job has chosen a bronzed metal that recalls the preciousness of gold, worked with a particular technique that gives it an embossed and material quality.

The ironic spirit of this set is underlined by the choice of product names: the toilet paper holder Maurizio is a clear tribute to Cattelan and his provocative style, while the Charley toilet brush gets its name from Charley Vezza, the Gufram Global Creative Orchestrator.

Mats are added to the set with pop graphics inspired by the 80’s.

KINTSUGI – design: Marcantonio

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing ceramics, traditionally with powders mixed with lacquer or gold. Marcantonio plays with the aggravation of repair, transforming it into an aesthetic charm: the veins holding the pieces of porcelain together are in preciously brilliant 24-carat gold; the use of porcelains in different colors and shapes also gives each piece a particular uniqueness.

Kintsugi is an elegant collection in the most contemporary and dandy sense. A Kintsugi table set is reminiscent of classicism with its limits and style shattered to turn it into something new and disruptive, in typical Seletti style.

FINGERS – design: Marcantonio

If fingers left prints on molten brass, what would the resulting objects look like? Thus, the Fingers collection by Marcantonio, which obviously takes its name from a texture that recalls that of fingerprints.

An eclectic and varied collection that consists of lamps, cutlery, plates, nutcrackers, candle holders, and a bell that is just as elegant as it is anachronistic. The material nature of metal blends with archetypical (almost ancestral) forms, renewing its simplicity and transforming it into objects for homes of the third millennium.

LOVE IN BLOOM – design: Marcantonio

Marcantonio’s passion for the faithful replication of natural objects surpasses itself and pays homage to the symbol par excellence of love: the heart. In a typically ironic and over-the-top way, Seletti pays tribute to all the lovers of the world with a porcelain heart, perfect in every detail, designed in order to accommodate the other symbol par excellence of passion: flowers. Veins and arteries are concave and each can hold a bud, to celebrate love in every possible way.

SURVIVAL SERIES – Diesel Living with Seletti

The collaboration between Seletti and Diesel, the most irreverent brand from fashion made in Italy, amazes once again with a military-inspired line of containers that are prepared for any battle and to organize with style.

The kitchen containers, made of metal in various sizes and shapes, reinterpret the classic army food tins and products; the colors continue this military inspiration, underlined by the typical writing as found on American army boxes.

The kitchen containers are matched with storage boxes that are inspired by ammo boxes, containers in camouflage design, and a fun ceramic document holder that is identical to those found in the Marines.

Seletti and Diesel thus confirm their partnership based on trend and irony.

WUNDERKAMMER – Diesel Living with Seletti

A Renaissance-inspired room of wonders is transported to the present day by a time machine. These domestic museums tell the stories of legendary animals, of which only the skeletons remain, testimony to the fairy tales and stories handed down through the generations.

The skull of a crow (perhaps a talking one!), the jaw of a Caribbean shark, and a shell sirens used to accompany their songs: these are the new relics of the Wunderkammer, added to the bone of a rare animal, the skull of a wolf, a human skull, and a giant snake.




BANANA LAMP SCONCES – design: Studio Job

The Studio Job Banana is now a symbol of ironic design, a perfect representation of the designer’s relationship with a unique brand like Seletti.

The idea behind the project is to give design enthusiasts access to a project that was created as a limited edition: Studio Job and Seletti find a way to reduce the price and make an originally exclusive object more accessible. Hence the idea of UN_LIMITED EDITIONS.

After 3 table versions – Huey, Dewey, and Louie – the sconces find their place on the wall, almost like a piece of pop art.

FINGERS LAMPS – design: Marcantonio

Just like its tableware, the lighting section of the Fingers collection finds its peculiarity in its use of brass, making it material, as if it had been manipulated by the expert hands of an artisan who left fingerprints as a signature.

The suspension lamp is impressive in its simplicity: the anchor is covered with brass while the lamp is in finely shaped ceramic, a material that allows you to have a warm, soft light.

The table lamp recalls desk lamps of the ’40s and’ 50s, with rounded lines and a broad, semi-circular shade. Finally, the table lamp in which the shape of a work lamp is contrasted with the preciousness of golden brass.

GREY MOUSE LAMP – design: Marcantonio

The invasion of Marcantonio’s mice continues and seems unstoppable. White mice are joined by grey ones, holding colored light bulbs as if they were on their way to a party. Suspended between dream and reality, Mouse Lamp once again finds its way into the homes of their fans.

MONKEY LAMP OUTDOOR – design: Marcantonio

The monkeys reclaim their natural environment, leaving the house to explore the gardens and jump around freely. The Monkey Lamp, a symbol of Seletti’s most recent experiments in lighting, is now available as an outdoor version in white. This provides a different use for this zoomorphic sculpture, now in the most glamorous houses on the planet and, from today, even in the most luxuriant gardens.