S E L E T T I  O P E N S  I T S  F I R S T  F L A G S H I P  S T O R E

March, 31 2017

During Milan Design Week, Seletti will unveil its first flagship store in Milan: on April 4 to 9, the Corso Garibaldi 117 store will showcase the two new projects created in collaboration with Studio Job, BLOW and UN_LIMITED EDITIONS, in an unexpected pop design setting.

After having hosted the temporary Seletti experimental shop (January 2015), and the pop-up store dedicated to the Seletti wears TOILETPAPER collection rugs (October 2016), the store will thus become the reference point in Milan where to find all the brand’s collections.

The store project is by BBMDS. The space is designed to meet that need for flexibility that characterizes the Seletti world, providing the opportunity to reconfigure, almost in real time, the display of collections. A dynamic space where brand products are displayed in a tangle of lines and designs with graphic impact, playing on the contrast between “industrial” materials and precious finishes.

The first staging of the store will be dedicated entirely to new projects created in collaboration with Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, The most crazy and innovative duo in the world of design.



BLOW is not just a collection of objects, but also a real design brand: a project that points to that idea of democratic design that has always distinguished Seletti. This new family of objects with a total “pop” design mood consists of rugs, neon lamps, folding chairs, mirrors and a set of porcelain dishes, soon to be joined by new products.

A radical “pop” design mood characterizes the pieces in this new collection, as proven by the rugs: Sausage Department rug ironically evokes the American Presidential emblem, whereas Egg and Dartboard hint at the non-conventional forms of an egg and a target.

The set also features a series of neon wall lamps: “Lips“, which represents an open mouth, “Flash“, in the shape of a stylized lightning, and “Hot Dog“. This lighting project is an imaginary mix between Warhol and American diners, a fusion that gives vibrancy and accessibility to the collection. Finally, there is a series of six porcelain dishes featuring the Weed, The Wall, Mouth and Peace graphic designs, an iconography belonging to the immense Smeets & Tynagel library, while the new Egg and Hot Dog images explore a fresh and playful side of this study in pop design. Each design is reproduced using the vector format of the image, allowing the printing process to be as accurate as possible.

With the launch of BLOW, Seletti, Smeets and Tynagel, once again, explore a new way of approaching design. This project follows the steps of the Seletti wears TOILETPAPER collection, an experiment that brought the images of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine to tableware, home accessories and furniture.

The concept of the BLOW collection is driven by the desire to offer design lovers undreamed of pieces created by the unmistakable imagination of Studio Job, providing the opportunity to furnish their homes with unique but accessible pieces.


BLOW demonstrates, once again, the Seletti passion for unconventional projects. Stefano Seletti, Art Director of the brand states: “I love working with Job and Nynke. In fact, since our first project two years ago, Industry Collection, we understood that this collaboration would continue. We decided not to limit ourselves to individual pieces, but to create an entire collection. Here at Seletti, we love the idea of subverting the concept of “exclusivity” testing it by standards that are different from mere financial value; we transform exclusivity into accessibility, and into the personal and cultural tastes of our audience. Our collections are either loved or hated, there is no middle ground!”

Job Smeets enthusiastically states: “Hey Design world! BLOW your heart out! This year we’re really going for it! We feel strong, happy and seductive!”



UN_LIMITED EDITIONS combines the exclusive artistic imagery of Studio Job and the democratic soul of Seletti: as in fashion, where Haute Couture is in general not affordable for most, so Ready-To-Wear is created, so UN_LIMITED EDITIONS by Studio Job is a Ready-To-Love collection.

UN_LIMITED EDITIONS presents two new projects that are Seletti’s first foray into the upholstered furniture world. A sofa and a chair, along with the reinterpretation of two lamps that, in their limited edition version, have become one of the symbols of the Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel creativity.

The Hot dog and Hamburger, iconic images of American pop culture, are transformed into actual furniture, creating the “Fast Food Furniture” collection. The hot dog bun becomes the structure of the sofa, while the sausage is a cushion; likewise, the hamburger resting on its bun becomes a seat, a pickle turns into an armrest and a slice of tomato into the backrest.

These two breakthrough products are flanked by two other special projects that emphasize how precious pieces created for a limited edition can become accessible. Thanks to this new collaboration between Seletti and Studio Job, in fact the famous Banana Lamp and Tiffany Tree lamp have been transformed into something equally valuable in terms of design but, at the same time, democratically accessible to a wider audience.

Stefano Seletti, Art Director of the brand, continues: “For a brand like Seletti nothing is more liberating than taking some precious art pieces and turning them into something that is accessible to all. For us, it was a challenge to bring together the most interesting contemporary artists in the design world and jointly create a collection that embodies the exclusivity of the art while ensuring accessibility. Job and Nynke agreed to participate in this crazy adventure right from the start. Our goal is that these new objects invade homes all over the world.”

Job Smeets: “We went banana’s on Fast Food Furniture”