S E L E T T I  p r e s e n t s  t h e  n e w  R U G  C O L L E C T I O N  W I T H  T O I L E T P A P E R

September 10, 2016

An exclusive and exceptional event to celebrate the Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER collection and the new area rugs will be held in Seoul’s 10 Corso Como.

The most innovative and pop Italian design brand travels to one of the most vital and cosmopolitan Asian cities to present the new graphics selected in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari through their image-only magazine TOILETPAPER.

This is the first launch of the rug collection in Asia, after the previewing in Miami – in the Untitled art fair lounge – and in Paris at the pop-up shop at Gallerie Perrotin. The event is specifically designed around the new subjects presented in Paris during Maison & Objet (2-6 September), one of the most important international fairs in the home decoration field.

The link between TOILETPAPER and Seletti finds its raison d’être in accessibility, with the pairing of the artistic images of the magazine with everyday materials available at affordable prices. The Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER collection – which consists of tin tableware and porcelain plates, along with umbrellas, mirrors, and coffee tables – is enriched by this series of round and rectangular area rugs.

The fourteen images selected by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari – the new Snooker, Cat, Lipsticks round, Teeth, Food with Holes, Game Over, Lady on a Carpet, and Snakes which are added to the previous ones Two of Spades, Eye & Mouth, Fingers, Lipsticks rectangular, Phone, Legs,. – are printed on the fabric using inkjet machinery that is specially designed for larger formats; the final step is a special heat treatment to ensure the print’s resistance and the vividness of the colors.

The front of the rugs is 100% made of polyester from recycled material and the back is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.


This new addition to the Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER catalog is confirmation of the brand’s attention for the most avant-garde creative projects and a will to integrate them with objects in everyday use.

The Seletti Wears TOILETPAPER area rugs give the possibility to the customers to furnish their dwells with actual works of art created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.


Stefano Seletti, the brand’s Art Director: “The TOILETPAPER collection is a never ending challenge, a constant push to look for new ways to interpret the genious images by Maurizio and Pierpaolo. The decision to develop an area rugs collection is a crazy idea, non-conformist and surely a winning one. 10 Corso Como in Seoul is the perfect place to present the new images: it is the meeting point of the Italian style and the love for great design and unconventional project which is a stronghold of the Korean people and which allows Seletti to be so successful here”.