S E L E T T I  A T  S T O C K H O L M  F U R N I T U R E  &  L I G H T  F A I R

January, 29 2018

6 – 10 February 2018

Stand A 10:15

Seletti, the most pop and democratic brand in Italian design, participates in the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair for the first time with its sensational and unconventional products.

The brand enters the temple of Scandinavian design par excellence with a display stand focused on lighting, one of the most interesting sectors for the brand for some years now and therefore a source of experimentation both through new technology as well as partnerships with some of the most sensational designers on the international stage. The latest news in this area includes forays into the furniture and art de la table sector, with proposals that are cheeky and pop.

The stand at the Stockholm Fair will be an explosion of shapes, colors, and inspirations all centered on the marriage, essentially indissoluble for Seletti, between design and accessibility.

The biggest novelty is the Felix lamp, the latest wacky creation by the Studio Job duo, now among Seletti’s strongest partnerships: a magical cat that illuminates its surroundings with its bewitching eyes, available for preview at the Stockholm fair.

Then there is the now famous Banana Lamp, and the collaboration with Marcantonio, who designed the bestselling Monkey Lamps – now also in white for outdoor use –, and Mouse Lamps in a gray version with colored light bulbs. In the catalog are furniture, small armchairs, and cushions designed by TOILETPAPER magazine, the editorial project consisting of only images created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari and finally, again designed by Marcantonio, the Luminaire collection that combines lighting and decor.

Among the bestsellers is the now famous Letters, consisting of luminous letters that have become a true symbol of creativity for the company.

“Being in Stockholm is a great opportunity for Seletti”, says Stefano Seletti, art director of the brand. “This fair has become a point of reference for international design over the years. There is excitement, curiosity, innovation, and the beginnings of a desire to break out of the traditional Scandinavian design schemes and open up to new aesthetic thinking”.


FELIX – design: Studio Job

Felix the cat may not purr, but it compensates for this with intense and inquisitive eyes that illuminate its surroundings, creating an enchanted atmosphere. Felix is the fruit of a new collaboration between Seletti and Studio Job, part of the BLOW project, the new design brand that combines the imagination of Studio Job and the know-how of the Italian brand.

Made in 1: 1 scale, inspired by Job Smeet’s cat and perfect in every single detail, Felix is available in three different colors: white, black, and bicolored. The alert tail reveals a backside with a USB charger – a universal socket for all voltages – and switches/dimmers that are positioned, poetically, as the genitals of the feline. Felix is equipped with a battery that lasts for 9 hours, and thus allows the lamp to be moved around the house without difficulty.

The cat’s coat perfectly reproduces the texture of fur, for an even more realistic effect.





BANANA LAMP – design: Studio Job

Studio Job’s Banana is now a symbol of ironic design, a perfect representation of the designer’s relationship with a unique brand like Seletti.

The idea behind the project is to give design enthusiasts access to a project that was created as a limited edition: Studio Job and Seletti find a way to reduce the price while maintaining the aesthetic value. Hence the idea of unlimited editions, which also includes the Tiffany Tree Lamp, Hot Doga sofa, and Hamburger chair in addition to mirrors, neon lights, dishes, and folding chairs.

Banana lamp is available in 3 table versions – Huey, Dewey and Louie – and in the new appliqué version that looks perfect on the wall, almost like a piece of pop art.

Made of glass and resin, Banana Lamp is a new status symbol that is accessible, democratic, and imbued with the crazy and decorative imagination of Studio Job.

TIFFANY TREE LAMP – design: Studio Job

A sculpture lamp that gives a nod to the classic Tiffany style, with a crazy and visionary touch typical of Studio Job. Made of resin, the Tiffany Tree Lamp replicates an actual tree with light bulbs hidden under the foliage. The trunk, crafted precisely to mimic the texture of wood, hides the switch, and a curious bird on the top scrutinizes everything that happens around it.

Like the Banana Lamp, Tiffany Tree Lamp is inspired by a limited edition of Studio Job made accessible by Seletti’s experience in affordable design.


GREY MOUSE LAMP – design: Marcantonio

The invasion of Marcantonio’s mice continues and seems unstoppable. The nature-based inspirations of the designer/artist have allowed Seletti to transform the home into an enchanted world, with fairy-tale animals that become unique and functional objects.

The white Mouse Lamps are already an integral part of the brand’s lighting catalog and the white version is now joined by a gray version: playful mice holding colored light bulbs as if they were on their way to a party. Suspended between dream and reality, Mouse Lamp once again finds its way into the homes of fans.

MONKEY LAMP OUTDOOR – design: Marcantonio

The monkeys reclaim their natural environment, leaving the house to explore the gardens and jump around freely. The Monkey Lamp, a symbol of Seletti’s most recent experiments in lighting, is now available as an outdoor version in white. This provides a different use for this zoomorphic sculpture, now in the most glamorous houses on the planet and, starting today, even in the most luxuriant gardens.


LUMINAIRE – design: Marcantonio

The collaboration with artist and designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba continues.

The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair takes the opportunity to unveil Luminarie, a dreamlike and unconventional project that brings together furniture and lighting. Three mirrors – small, medium, and large – and a headboard for the wooden bed, irregularly shaped and decorated with numerous small lightbulbs that, in addition to providing illumination, add a dreamy touch. In the words of the designer “The idea of Luminaire comes from a trip to Salento where I fell in love with the lights that the Salentini people use for the village festivals. On these occasions, the streets are decorated with elaborate wooden structures surrounded by myriads of small colored lights. I emulated these structures by drawing primordial forms like those drawn by a child and, through the light bulbs, I tried to create a precious effect of amazement and surprise”.


Seletti wears TOILETPAPER – the armchairs and the cushions

This line, created in collaboration with TOILETPAPER magazine (the editorial project by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari), is the emblem of how design and art can come together, giving rise to an original and over-the-top imagery. Now added to the rich catalog of objects is its first product in the world of upholstery; the new armchairs evoke the traditional look of chairs in the 50s, with sinuous shapes and brass feet, but are then distorted by an upholstery of surreal images: a cat surrounded by pills, a tropical island dominated by a volcano, a rude mouth, or hole-riddled flowers.

TOILETPAPER also spreads into a series of cushions that become small works of art, available in 30 different patterns, to break the rules in even the most formal living rooms.


When lost for words, Seletti relies on these luminous letters to create new ones. Different sizes, both uppercase and lowercase, stored in concrete or precious brass, the Letters collection allows you to indulge in creating messages with light.