S E L E T T I  X  C O U N T Y  O F  M I L A N

May , 30 2017

Seletti, the Italian design brand with a pop and unconventional DNA, launches a new partnership with County of Milan, the eclectic fashion brand founded by the Argentine Marcelo Burlon in 2012.

 A collection of scented objects, coming in pairs, is an olfactory journey made in collaboration with the Italian design brand Seletti and maitre parfumer Maria Candida Gentile. 

A selection of the first and most representative Marcelo Burlon County of Milan prints decorate the ceramic vessels. Natural wax candles infused with three different multidimensional fragrances, Marijuana, Nomade, and Machis, lead through a path from Patagonian hippie villages on the mountains, downhill to the green plains, and deep into secret woods of witching rituals.

Marijuana is hippie, with head notes of ivy leaves, blue camomile, clary sage, heart notes of galbanium, angelica, and spikenard, base notes of palo santo, tobacco leaves, cedar, and a hint of marijuana. A wolf head on a black background and blue parrot wings on white represent this fragrance.

Nomade is about wandering through lichen-covered rocky plains and daisy meadows, with head notes of marijuana and spicy berries, heart notes of costus, osmanthus and milk, and base notes of patchouli and wood. A wolf head and a red snake circle on white represent this fragrance.

Machis is a shaman ritual, is white witches, is a trip to another dimension, with head notes of honey and lichen, heart notes of oak musk and dhavanam, base notes of sandal wood, holy wood, bee wax, and balsam of Peru. A black and white snake pattern and a Mapuche cross, County of Milan’s logo, on black represent this fragrance.

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