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Will you ACCEPT or AXCEPT your enemies?

Iconic and pop to the core – made of red, white and black resin – Max Huges’ axe is an object with a strong aesthetic value and a surrealistic nature. In tune to its visual impact, the pun in the title enriches the art piece with a subtle and ambivalent meaning, transforming a bare linguistic divertissement in a real ontological nonsense: just like a modern Sybil, the artist lets the beholders and their mood interpret the sentence “Axcept your enemies”. Don’t kill the messenger.

The AXE is a resin replica
of the oversize art-piece exhibited on the
“Palazzo del Grano” (Parma, Italy).

Gold | cm. 17 h.57 / 6.7″ h. 22.4″


Max Huges

I’m 20 years old, I graduated from the architecture institute of my home-town, Parma. At the moment I’m studying management engineering. I’m fascinated by everything rational: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on. I’ve never studied arts and this is the proof of what I believe in: art must not to be studied, it needs to be spontaneously appreciated, it doesn’t require complex notions. It is pure instinct, as maths is.
Its aim is to amaze by providing emotions, feelings. It doesn’t matter if they’re negative or positive, that’s the artist’s competence. But a work of art which doesn’t astonish for its beauty, doesn’t make the spectator neither laugh nor cry, can’t be considered as such.
I like laughing and I appreciate people who make me laugh. Making somebody smile is a great form of satisfaction, and this is what I feel when I create my art. I like laughing and I appreciate people who make me laugh. Making somebody smile is a great form of satisfaction, and this is what I try to do with my art pieces. Irony is an incredible weapon, Winston Churchill certainly knew about it.
Art is not limited to frames and paintings, there’s art also in cooking, even in solving a math problem or in programming an application. Art exists and it’s in front of us every single day, but we don’t realize it. I believe that the boundary between art and engineering doesn’t exist, as one is fuelled by the other.
Logic and Irony, like Winston.

An art piece to hang on the wall, made in resin.



A revolutionary and on-going project
where art and design become one.

Always original, never conventional: Seletti MUSEUM represents the joining link between Design and Art, the revolutionary and avant-garde connection that gives a nod to experimentation. Emerging artists along with more experienced ones, will try their hand at creating modern souvenirs, iconic objects symbolizing a new and enlightened patronage.

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