Featureless faces, with the most penetrating looks

The relationship with the Other, the personal reflections, doubts and hesitations typical of human nature become tangible and real, creating a vibrant aura around the contour of the body, so perfectly imperfect to seem alive.

Jean Claude & Jacqueline cm.25 x 10 h.17,5 / 9.8” x 3.9”  h. 6.9”

Penelope | cm.5,5 x 7 h.17  / 2.2” x 2.7”  h. 6.7”

Jean & Jean | cm.15 x 29,5 h.8 / 5.9” x 11.6” h. 3.1”

Pierrot |  cm.10 x 21 h.15 / 3.9” x 8.3” h. 5.9”

Spoons | cm.13,5 x 27,5 h.4,5 / 5.3” x 10.8”  h. 1.8”

Tatiana Brodatch

Born and raised in Moscow, Tatiana Brodatch graduates at the Architectural Institute and works as an architect for 15 years, between Moscow and Milan, contributing in the making of award-winning buildings, published in several magazines from the field. Although still very passionate about her job, but looking for a more straightforward and immediate way of expressing herself, from 2013 she embarks on an artistic journey. The spontaneity finds the perfect allay in Plasticine, an adaptable material that doesn’t get stiff, with which Tatiana creates faceless characters, bearer of universal feelings: the relationship with the Other, the personal reflections, doubts and hesitations typical of human nature are told by the artist through sculptures, photographs and videos. Since 2015 Tatiana lives and works in her studio in Milan.

SELETTI presents the resina replicas
of some of the sensual plasticine sculptures
by Tatiana Brodatch.

The refined packaging can be used as product display.


A revolutionary and on-going project
where art and design become one.

Always original, never conventional: Seletti MUSEUM represents the joining link between Design and Art, the revolutionary and avant-garde connection that gives a nod to experimentation. Emerging artists along with more experienced ones, will try their hand at creating modern souvenirs, iconic objects symbolizing a new and enlightened patronage.